Lee Skinner

Illustrator, Web Designer and Layout Artist of Uncertain Truths. Lee used In-Design to create the book’s front cover and interior.
Lee previously worked as an animator, telling stories through visuals. He enrolled onto the MA Creative Writing course at NTU to move away from film production and discover new forms of storytelling.

From Animator to Writer

Lee managed his own animation studio, writing, producing and directing films for ITV, the BBC and other corporate clients. Lee focused on traditional animation techniques, such as cell and stop motion, rather than CGI. He has delivered 100s of animation workshops across the UK.

Creative Writing

Lee is experienced in script writing for film and developing pitch bibles for multiplatform projects. Lee’s scripts were very visual, focusing on the action of the animated character.

Lee’s ambition to pursue creative writing came when he attended a series of short courses at Nottingham Trent University. A short course in Horror Fiction introduced Lee to freewriting as a tool for using personal memories to inform fictional stories and their characters. As a filmmaker, Lee was fascinated to learn how Steven Spielberg’s films were linked to events in his past, including the bullying he endured at school and his parent’s divorce.

Lee enrolled onto the Creative Writing MA at NTU to study how to combine his visual film making skills with characters and stories rooted in his own childhood stories.

Please see my recent blog post, outlining my design process for the book cover.

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