Matt Biggs

Matt decided to do the MA in Creative Writing after more than twenty years of working for himself. He enjoys a good page turner and is hoping the MA will be a springboard to a writing career. He enjoys fiction and screenplays and is writing his own page turner at the moment. He is one of the project managers of Uncertain Truths.

With my midlife crisis in full swing ­– yes, I’d bought the Porsche, done the motorbike lessons, had the weight loss operation (which had been partially successful – I still like chips and biscuits too much) – my regret for not following my dream of becoming a professional writer had now got to the point that I couldn’t ignore it any longer. So I made the life changing decision to go back to university to study creative writing. It was either that or move to the south of France with my mistress and buy a Llama farm. I think you’ll agree that going back to university sounds slightly less crazy than that option.

After being self-employed for nearly twenty years, I had an offer to sell my business that I decided to accept. This decision was mainly so I could spend more time with my family – you see, I really enjoy listening to my teenage sons yelling obscenities at their friends on their games consoles and cleaning up the trails of glitter that my ten-year-old daughter leaves around the house. Why is it that little girls sweat glitter? However, there was another upside to selling the business – it meant I had a chance to do something for myself for once and no, I don’t mean discovering myself by backpacking across Asia or skydiving naked over the Seven Modern Wonders of the World (although both of those options do sound like a lot of fun). The thing that I’d always wanted to do was to become a professional writer, so I started looking around for an appropriate course that would help give me a good foundation.

I chose the MA in Creative Writing at NTU after plenty of research as it looked like a really interesting course. I spoke to Rory, the course leader, and he was really supportive about me applying, so I dived in. I was worried before I started last September as I’d not been in education for nearly twenty-five years, but the lecturers have all been great and I get on well with the other students in my cohort as well. We’ve only been able to meet on Teams because of the lockdown and we’re only a small cohort this year because of Covid, but we still enjoy each other’s writing and constructive criticism.

It’s been great working on the anthology, which is something that the MA does every year. We organised it all ourselves, so we do everything from editing, proofreading and design to getting quotes for printing and managing the submissions, as well as actually writing something for it. It’s all really exciting and a lot of fun.

I’d spent years reading books and thinking that I could do an equal job at writing them as the author. For twenty years I’d written in snatched time around working and now by doing the MA I can spend a lot more time writing and doing the thing I love. I hope it will push me in the right direction to become a professional writer. Either that, or I’ll get booking the skydiving course.

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