Kyran Wood

Social Media Manager of Uncertain Truths. Kyran is a recent graduate of the BA English Course at NTU, seeking to refine his creative writing skills in a way that was not possible in his undergraduate and hopefully kickstart a career in writing. A keen actor and dramatist, his area of expertise is scriptwriting but he also enjoys fiction.

It’s been a journey reaching a master’s degree…

Originally from Bristol, I spent my teenage years studying my favourite subjects, acting and reading a ton of books. A writer from my early days, I used to write stories of wizards and spies, heavily inspired by books I would read in my spare time.

My favourite subject in school was not actually English, but Drama. I spent time as a member of the Bristol Old Vic Young Company for two years, learning about the art of theatre from industry experts in fun and informative sessions. At Sixth Form I co-directed my school’s entry into the National Theatre Connections program which went on to be performed at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff.

Drama was the focus during school, but I also thrived at the times I could use creative writing in this time. I even wrote my final performance for Drama A-Level (and got an A in it so couldn’t have been dreadful!).

After finishing sixth form with A-Levels in English Language, English Literature and Drama I turned to University and accepted a place on an English Literature course.

But not in Nottingham, in Winchester.

Long story short, I had a truly dreadful first week and ended up dropping out before the course even began properly, moving back home and vowing to return to University next year.

I ended up reapplying to different places, one of them being Nottingham Trent University. My sister was in the process of studying a Chemistry degree there, so I had a pre-existing knowledge of the city and University. My place was held at Winchester, but I decided on a different challenge, and moved to Nottingham.

Throughout my undergraduate, I was an avid member of the NTU Drama Society, performing in plays/musicals each year (when they weren’t cancelled because of COVID) and sat on the committee in my third year as the Secretary.

There were less opportunities for creative writing than I desired on the course, but I absolutely loved the modules where I could use my skills. The scriptwriting module, Voices and Visions, was my favourite module throughout the years and the chance to do a creative writing dissertation was the only obvious option to finish my degree.

When finishing my undergraduate course, it just seemed like a logical progression to continue my studies on a course where the entire focus in creative writing. I knew I still had learning to do and wanted to develop my skills even further. So I signed up

for one more year in Nottingham and have had the best time on this Masters, workshopping with a group of peers and learning tons of new stuff.

Who knows where the future will take me next, but Nottingham will always have a place in my heart and this anthology is the best way to end four great years!

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