Jess Parkinson

An editor for Uncertain Truths.
Jess is a writer who prefers to create fictional worlds, having been writing since a very young age. She followed her writing into a BA in English and Linguistics to better understand how to craft language to make her work more believable. With a dream of becoming a published author, she hopes to bring new worlds to as many people as she can reach.

My Journey with Writing

English has always been a passion of mine. This stemmed from a love of reading and writing which developed at a very young age. From that point on, I have always sought to surround myself with fantasy and creativity – from books and visual novels to art of favourite characters. I found that my art, while mostly of already established characters, has also helped with the development of my own characters and environments. Being able to visualise in such a real way the person I’m trying to portray has often helped in moments where the next step for the plot of a story has escaped me.

Having had some success with an entry being short-listed in the IGGY and Litro young writer’s short story competition during my time at college, I was inspired to keep following my dream to write and see where I could end up. The MA Creative Writing at Nottingham Trent has been a whole new journey, one that has pushed my writing to the limit and beyond and has allowed me to develop my craft into something professional without losing the aspects that are uniquely mine.

With the skills I’ve gained throughout the course, both in writing and editing, alongside the support of both the staff and guest speakers, I feel like I’m coming out the other side of the MA as an accomplished writer with the knowledge and ability to approach agents and publishers with my work.

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