David Obiri

Originally hoping to have a career in journalism, the twists and turns of life eventually brought David to a prospective career in writing instead. Having been a reader for most of his life, he’s very excited to have the opportunity to show off the things that had only existed in his head until now. David is also an avid consumer of video games and hopes to one day write for a large audience.

Why an MA course at NTU?

There are two parts to this question.

1. Why go to Nottingham Trent University?

2. Why choose a degree in Creative Writing?

The answer to the first is very easy – familiarity.

And perhaps a bit of laziness as well.

You see, I had the pleasure of having my undergraduate degree at Nottingham Trent. Before then, I spent a year of college at an institution directly affiliated with said university. This made the choice for my proceeding undergraduate degree a result of natural progression.

Throughout my time there, I never found the teaching lacking. The modules were all very fulfilling and the lecturers are some of the best people I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet. Especially Russell. God, I love that man.

I have a lot of fond memories of that time. From that angle, having another chance to study in the same environment wasn’t one to be missed. 

You could argue that there is some merit in seeking out new experiences. Perhaps I would have found different scenery to be just as good. But you see, that would have taken some effort. Like I mentioned earlier, there might have been a bit of laziness involved when admission time came along. Why fix what isn’t broken, after all?

As for the second question, there isn’t that much to say.

I see creative writing as an extension of my own interests. To no one’s surprise, I like to read. I like to read so much that it’s not much different from an addiction at this point. It’s natural that kind of passion would eventually translate to writing in some form.

During my undergraduate degree, I had the pleasure of doing a module about screenwriting. It was the only part of my tuition, I recall, that focused so heavily on writing in some form. That also meant that it was my favourite of the lot. That experience ended up informing a large part of my decision.

I see the MA course as my chance to undergo a more complete experience in that vein; certainly more than a single scriptwriting module could ever provide.

So far, I’m happy to say that I haven’t been disappointed.

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