Creating the Front Cover

Lee visited Cannock Chase to collect reference images. He photographed the ‘death’ in the forest and captured the textures of the trees and the perspective lines they create.

The front cover for Uncertain Truths started as a scribble on a note pad. Lee Skinner took the title and created the idea of a forest path leading into the uncertain darkness beyond the trees.
The idea was presented to the rest of the team, along side a few other designs, and this was the concept chosen for development.

Lee used the photographs to produce this concept art, which he presented to the group. Jade Curley came up with the idea of a whale swimming through the trees. A number of reference images were collected.

With the final concept agreed by the team, Lee used this reference image as a guide to creating the shape of the whale.

Watercolours were used to create a background that roughly mapped out the shape of the trees and whale.

They were then drawn in using black ink. The whale was coloured using pastels and the trees featured a twisted bark effect.

Lee Skinner

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